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I help practical professionals create more meaningful lives through non traditional integrative work that is tailored to their specific needs.


As a self awareness seeker, I have been actively interested in psychology, symbolism in art, holistic healing, and the human connection my entire life. My innate curiosity for my own personal growth and self healing lead me down quite a few unconventional paths, but allowed me to grow a vast tool set along the way.  My resume contains 13 years as an events specialist and an HR professional. In this profession I gained skill as a relationship builder and as an effective listener and communicator. In 2007 I became interested in the language of Astrology and Tarot. I saw how symbolism and planetary energies opened a rich dialogue and cut a more direct path to a deeper understanding of the self and others. I learned an entire new language using astrology. And was able to gain quick insight into how others spoke, thought, and moved. I saw strengths, inclinations, and motivations styles. I became better equipped to help my employees using these techniques. And in my personal life I used it to understand my own family better. Through my work with these tools I was able to develop a much richer connection with family members that I had not been able to relate to for years. 


In my quest to understand the mind-body connection, I returned to school and in 2015 I became a certified Nutritional Therapist, as well as a trained Reiki Master. And over the past two years I've studied Neurosculpting-a method used to re-pattern negative responses in the brain. All of these components have offered me personal healing and a deeper understanding of how to help others in their lives. There is no cure all when it comes to healing, and transforming your life. There are many modalities that make a person whole again.


My work in Astrology and Tarot is not about predicting futures. There is no fluff, or party tricks. My work offers insight, grounded solutions, and practical guidance for those who are seeking more connection to themselves, and their purpose. And for those who wish to gain empathy, and understanding in their work, or family relationships.

I am very passionate about self awareness. I see how connecting with ourselves, shifting old patterning, and awareness of how we treat ourselves, and others can bring about big changes in our world. My hope is to facilitate and encourage positive change in others, so they are able to live with more connection, purpose and intention. My techniques and interests are just some of the tools that have helped me immensely and I'd love to share them with you. 

Read My Reviews:

My session with Katie was affirming, insightful, and deeply comforting. She took the time to read my chart and draw cards prior to our session so she was ready when the call began. She truly wants to make sure that  her clients understand and take away something from the reading. She even records the sessions and sends them to her clients so they can refer to them in the future! Katie is someone I trust and I deeply honor her work. Thank you!  -Breona C

I had such a lovely experience with Katie. She is smart, intuitive, attentive, as well as just a cool human being. Her approach is genuine and down to earth and her communication style is gentle while still full of insight and direction. This was my first time having my chart read and it was sincerely revealing and motivating for me. She was very generous with her time and I highly recommend the experience.~ Erin M.

Katie is great, very passionate.  I really enjoyed my astrological chart reading.  I got confirmation where I am in life.  Also knowing where I was and how the planets ands astrology mesh to make me! Thank you Katie for my experience~ Vanessa M.

I have had a few readings in my day and the information was helpful, uplifting, etc., but my readings with Katie have changed the way I look at myself, my relationships, both professional and personal. She has helped me to get to a deeper understanding of myself. I can't say enough about my readings and Katie as an Astrologer. I save my notes from my sessions and refer to them quite often. Such a treat to work with such a wonderful person. ~Tom C.

When Katie read my chart and pulled my cards, her interpretation was spot on.  She clearly explains the card and how it aligns with your sign, how it fits into any potential current circumstances, and suggestions of how to handle it, work through any challenges, ease into successes.  She really knows her stuff.  I also follow her on Instagram and get the joy and enlightenment of her daily card reading - I can tell you it blows my mind how often her explanations and interpretations feel like she is reading them directly for ME!  This isn't predicting the future or anything like that - this is a truly soul-universe connection she is able to read and help make sense of where you are at any particular time in your life.  The time and experience you have with her is truly worth it. ~Terri M.

Katie is very warm and approachable. I like that she knows both astrology and tarot. I found her to be such a great combo of being grounded and deeply intuitive. She makes you feel at ease and you know you are heard. She held space for both my tears and my laughter. It felt like a reading with a friend I had known for ages, one that had my best interest in mind.
I highly recommend a reading with her. I can't wait to see her again!  ~Allison F

KATIE SLOAN - astrology and tarot © 2016

katiesloanastrologer@gmail.com  |   Colorado Springs, CO USA


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