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Meet Katie....

About Katie Sloan Designer Mentor Coach Astrologer Tarot Reader

How It Started!

A few years ago...


while staying with a friend in NY we envisioned what my new business would look like if I moved there-The East Coast has always been where my heart lies. 

My friend was running her successful business full time, and a short term rental while caring for her chickens, dogs and growing kids. Life was hectic and she rarely had a second for herself. And while her business was a success she had a longtime grumbling in her heart. There was a call to get something much bigger off the ground. This thing would take her in a totally different, & way more aligned direction toward her passion and purpose. And as a bonus would probably allow for more time for herself, quality time with her family and more money in her wallet! Working harder wasn't really a possibility, but the catch was where would she find the time to make her dream happen?

During my stay I heard this story over and over from other women I met. They felt overwhelmed and stuck. Either they couldn't move forward in their business because they were doing all the work themselves, or they couldn't move out of their current jobs to follow their true passions. They felt overwhelmed and had lost the sense of how to get what they truly wanted! 

One thing I noticed about all these women is that they had longings in their hearts and massive potential for success, but they were stuck in what felt like a classic trap. How could I help facilitate these changes?


During my month long stay, "How can I help", became the catch- phrase Including adopting that as a business name, but what would that really mean?

My resume is long and versatile & It makes for interesting conversation when I tell people the many things I have done over the years. My passion has always been to help others reach their goals successfully. And I have had the unusual and fortunate experience of being able to jump into many positions where someone needed to help. Honestly though, meeting a niche or filling a position for a while really wasn't the best use of my knowledge and talents; I wanted to help in a bigger way. 

After the trip...

I realized where I can make the biggest difference and also do what I love. So I got to work and became a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I am committed to helping you transform your individualistic, long time, soul centered goals through  mentoring, coaching & designing tactics to help based on your specific needs. I have a massive tool box, because I know from experience that one size does not fit all when it comes to transformation. 

Whatever your long time dream is we work together to make it happen

My education & passions center around the arts, overall health & the communications arena. I have spent many years as a successful entrepreneur, and put in many years as an Operations and HR professional in a corporation. In the meantime I've studied with great teachers and stacked up many certifications in the healing arts. 

Together we will take a holistic, non traditional approach to your goals, as change is so much more than eating the right foods, and saying affirmations. 

I look forward to hearing your unique story and discovering how I can help you!

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