What will I gain from an Astrology or Tarot reading?

Astrology and Tarot readings are not predictions or fortune telling. They are tools that allow you to hear your souls mission in a very clear and direct way. During a consult with me you will feel seen and heard. You may gain a sense of direction, validation, meaning and clarity. My readings are opportunities for personal growth, self acceptance and self awareness. Think of it as a powerful counseling session that cuts to the chase.













Single Session Offerings

*All sessions will only be offered remotely via Zoom or Skype *


Birth chart Consultation

An astrology chart is a snapshot of the sky at the time of your birth. If you're curious about astrology, and have never had your chart read, this reading is for you. In our 60 minute session we will cover all the basics and complete the picture of you. This session will be paired with an energetic tarot reading. From your Sun to your Moon and everything in-between. You will walk away with a copy of your chart, a recording of our session, and a deeper understanding of who you are, how to nurture your greatest assets. 

Current Insight Reading

Life can bring a lot of turning points and twists all at once. Knowing how to navigate these times successfully can be key. This consult is for someone who already has had a basic birth chart reading, and wants to get into what is happening presently, and in the near future for them. These readings tend to be affirming, and have a tendency to bring about a sense of direction. I pair astrology with tarot to get to specific issues. 

Understanding your languages/Couples reading

Want to get to know your partner, or your best friend little better? A couples reading can open a dialogue, and help you learn each other's "language", to bring more empathy and understanding to a relationship. This reading is 75 minutes and both parties must consent to having their birth chart read. 

Parenting Reading-

Want to bring out the best in yourself and your child along their journey? We take a look at your child's chart along with your own and talk about just how to do that!

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Your Coming Year Tarot Spread-

This 14 card spread offers you themes to reflect on over the course of your year. I pull cards which will represent the energy, or theme of your coming year. And then twelve surrounding cards- one for each month. Each represents the energies, as well as the opportunities of the months ahead. We will meet via Zoom for a short learning session and you receive a photo of your reading along with thought provoking insights for each month - This is a great spread for your birthday month, the new year, or at the Aries new moon! Also makes a great gift for someone you love! $85   

Quick Insight recorded reading-

 Want a sample of what a reading would be like with me, or want some insight for the month?

This is a quick recorded reading specialized just for you. I draw several cards that speak of the energies surrounding your "now" opportunity. You will receive a mini recording from this reading, a specialized mantra to help you through this time, as well as a photo and written information about the cards.  Once you pay for your session, I will email you within 24 hours.







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