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Why Do I Need To Know My Birth Time For An Astrology Consult?

An astrology reading is more than just having a conversation about your sun signs tendencies and how you match up with other signs. Your birth date, place and time all are the factors that create a rich map for an accurate birth chart reading. The correct time shows me exactly where the planets were in the sky at the time of your birth. This will determine your rising sign-how others see you, and moon sign-your feeling nature.  It places the planets in the chart, providing a deeper look into the areas of your life that are highlighted, and completes the story of you. If you are uncertain of your birth time and cannot get that information from a birth parent, you may be able to order a copy from the hospital you were born in. Reading a chart based on a birth time guess would not provide an accurate reading. 

I'm Scared That You're Predicting My Future! I'm Afraid Of What I Might Hear!

No need to fear! I am an intuitive reader, not a psychic medium, and your session will never be based on prediction, or gloom and doom. Think of it more like a counseling session. The language of Astrology is meant to act as a facilitator to open a dialogue and go to a deeper place of understanding inside you.  I put those pieces together like a puzzle and create a story line that I use in our session so you can learn how to embrace and work with the energies surrounding you. Astrology and the Tarot are just tools to help you get to know yourself and others better.  Our session will be based on both of us participating in a dialogue. I am interested in shining light on places of strength, as well as where you may be holding yourself back. We all have free will to make choices based on information given, and my hope is that you will come away with some empowering useful information from our session to help you succeed on your path. 

How Do We Get Started?

Email me so we can set up your appointment.

I will need your full date of birth, city and state of birth, and an accurate birth time to be provided when you book your consultation. This way I have time to sit with your chart before our session.

Schedule at a time when you will be free from distraction. Try to allow for some space afterwords so you can process what we talked about.

You can pay via PayPal or Venmo

I will send you a link when you schedule along with a Zoom link for our session.

Questions? Get in Touch!

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