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Katie Sloan

Astrology & Tarot Coach

for individuals, couples, and businesses

Hi, I'm Katie.

As a counseling astrologer and tarot reader, I work with people like you to uncover your deepest tendencies and motivations. I believe that bringing the shadow parts of ourselves into the light opens up opportunities for growth that can be life-changing. Together, my clients and I develop a personalized roadmap toward achieving their goals through the process of self-understanding. I help individuals, couples, and teams develop strategies for being more intentional in all aspects of life.

Astrology Services


Astrology Transit Reading
Single 60-Minute Session

Astrology Transit Readings help you understand the planetary energies currently influencing your life. Unlike traditional natal readings, which provide a general overview, Transit Readings focus on what’s happening in your life right now. My approach is grounded and empathetic, offering a therapeutic experience without the woo.


Individual Coaching
Four 60-Minute Sessions

Ready to deepen your focus after a Yearly Transit Reading? My Individual Astrological Coaching Sessions are designed for those who want to release shame and examine their shadows. I’ll help you understand how planetary influences in your chart can be used to let go of self-protective tendencies so you can experience more joy.


Couples Coaching
Four 60-Minute Sessions

Couples Astrology Coaching Sessions help you practice compassion, curiosity, and acceptance for yourself and your partner. We explore your relationship dynamics, identifying areas of flow and tension from an astrological perspective. Together, we'll build strategies for fostering empathetic listening and communication so you can nurture a deeper connection.

Colleagues Working Together

Teams Coaching
Four 60-Minute Sessions

Enhance team dynamics within your business with Team Astrological Coaching Sessions. We’ll uncover your team’s unique strengths, triggers, and communication styles using astrology as a guide. Through group exercises, we'll elevate team dynamics, helping you find creative ways to collectively achieve your goals and stay aligned with one other.

Shadow on Concrete Wall
"My experience with Katie helped me widen my view and encouraged me to take action on what really mattered at the time."

- Daniella C

Tarot Services

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Yearly Tarot Insight
14-Card Pull & Written Reading

A Yearly Tarot Insight Reading is a tool to help you stay focused on your inner work. 2 middle cards offer a theme for your year, and 12 outer cards guide you through monthly self-reflection. Book anytime of year.

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Personal & Business Events
15-Minute Readings for Guests

Make your next social event memorable with 15-minute personalized tarot sessions for your guests. My readings celebrate each person’s unique qualities, providing a great way for introverts and extroverts alike to connect over a shared experience.

Let's Get Real Astrology Podcast

Looking for practical ways to use astrology in your everyday life? Listen to my podcast, where fellow astrologer Dena DeCastro and I share how to use astrology to better understand yourself and others.

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