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Shame and Regret

Last week I talked about how Saturn and Pluto are snuggling up right next to each other causing some cosmic collective friction. This aspect is at its strongest point this week and will not occur again for another 50 years. Wherever those two are landing in your chart is where you are being asked to define and transform something major. I probably don’t have another 50 years to figure this out so this feels pretty top on my list right now.

The Pluto/Saturn connection was loosely hanging out all last year, and felt more like a tapping on your shoulder than a slap in the face. Most people were experiencing WTF am I doing with my life moments? What’s the point? Or why isn’t what I’m trying to do working for me? All of these questions were definitely on my radar last year for sure and caused me a whole lot of anguish.

My favorite pattern to go into when I’m feeling this way is chaos mode. I take on way more than I can chew in hopes that something will click and stick. In November, I started to notice that this had become an outdated, exhausting mode of operating. I decided that I needed to try something new. I intuitively heard , “stop forcing it!” Rest, get back to your body and listen. So I started meditating, I started doing yoga. I renewed my subscription to Gaia and started to listen to the Joe Dispenza "Rewired" series. My husband and I committed to a month of no drinking, and things started clicking. I realized there is something really old inside me that is not allowing me to step into my next thing. And that’s the very thing I’m being asked to solve with this Pluto/Saturn alignment.