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Listen to Let's Get Real Astrology Podcast


Listen in while fellow astrologer Dena DeCastro and I share the diverse ways astrology impacts our daily lives. While many use astrology to try to predict the future, our mission is much different. We aim to help you understand astrological concepts, so you can use them to become more self-aware.


Predictive astrology takes our will out of the equation. Dena and I empower you to learn from the wisdom of the planets so you can be the best version of yourself.


Astrology is a transformative tool that offers quick, profound insights into ourselves and others. I’ve been using astrology for well over a decade to guide teams toward better communication and understanding, help couples navigate their dynamics, and support individuals in finding their true calling. From healing family bonds to creating space for personal expression, astrology enriches every facet of our lives.


Explore more about my approach through my podcast and services below.

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