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Yearly Tarot Insight

A Yearly Tarot Insight Reading is a tool to help you stay focused on your inner work. 2 middle cards offer a theme for your year, and 12 outer cards guide you through monthly self-reflection. Book anytime of year.

Every November (my birthday month) I do a year ahead tarot spread. I want to tell you a story about a spread I did recently.


There are 12 outer cards that help us find guidance for each corresponding month.


January was the 5 of pentacles. I felt myself wince at the sight of this card. Lack, feeling left out in the cold, and poverty are just a few thoughts that followed. I was a bit scared how this would play out when I first saw it. ⁣


As luck would have it, we were also in the midst of Venus retrograde. We were collectively reconsidering the cost of things, checking in with our personal values, and tightening our spending belts. Venus in Capricorn suggests we consider the long-term benefit. ⁣


I embraced the 5 of pentacles and explored my own lack mentality and my low vibing thoughts around success. I practiced a visualization meditation all month to look at my blocks and fears. I saw how my fears kept me in a perpetual state of survival mode, squelching my success at the things I wanted.⁣


I recognized that in the past, I’ve sabotaged my creativity by taking on jobs that would pay me just enough to get by, but that would zap my good energy. Doing these jobs left me unable to create something fulfilling, lasting, and fruitful. They kept me from the things that really light me up. ⁣


So, I worked on changing my thoughts. To trust that I did not need to keep saying yes to things that offered me only temporary stability. The place that needed my energetic investment was me. ⁣


Such great insight for me and perfect timing.


I love focusing on the symbolism of the monthly card. It's like having a personal coach. And that’s why the Yearly Tarot Insight is so transformational for my clients.


What's included:


  • 14-card tarot spread

  • Affirmations and insight into each card's meaning

  • Beautiful photo of your cards

  • Personalized written reading

  • Journal questions


Investment: $250

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Personal Events

Make your next social event memorable with 15-minute personalized tarot sessions for your guests. My readings celebrate each person’s unique qualities, providing a great way for introverts and extroverts alike to connect over a shared experience.

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