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"My hope is to encourage positive change in others, so they are able to live with more connection, purpose and intention."

“Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard.” — Anne Sexton


I'm Katie Sloan!

I'm a soulful Scorpio with a long-time passion for the arts, communication & psychology. I've always had a strong desire to unveil the mysteries around what makes us tick, & how to connect in ways that are intentional and meaningful. This fascination led me on a mission to support others through the wisdom of Evolutionary Astrology & Tarot.


My professional offerings use the insightful tools of Astrology & Tarot to cut to the chase and get down to business on how to lead individuals, couples & teams toward growth, connection, & a more prosperous meaningful life.

Ready to get started? Let's Connect!

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Happy Clients

Erin M-NY

"I had such a lovely experience with Katie.
She is smart, intuitive, attentive, as well as just a cool human being. Her approach is genuine and down to earth and her communication style is gentle while still full of insight and direction.  It was sincerely revealing and motivating for me. 
I highly recommend the experience."

Kim L-Portland, OR

"I feel truly fortunate to have connected with Katie.  The insights she has shared with me have helped bring a sense of steadiness with many life changes. Katie has a tremendous warmth and curiosity that drives her dedication to guide anyone through uncertain times."

Daniella C-Portland, OR 

Katie provided me with the tools and information necessary to gain knowledge and perspective of the events that were taking place in my life. She has a calming and confident energy that allows for sessions to be organic and genuine. My experience with Katie helped me widen my view and encouraged me to take action on what really mattered at the time.
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