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Katie is absolutely lovely in every way! Aside from her intuitive ability, she is down to earth, genuine, intentional, and just an awesome person. From the moment you meet her, you will love every minute spent with her. I have had a few astrological readings over the years, and have always walked away feeling overwhelmed and unclear of what my chart actually meant. Katie's approach will not leave you feeling that way. She brings a sense of "realness" to her readings, and really opens up your awareness of how much your chart acts as a road map that can guide you through your life. I left feeling like I learned so much about myself, the way I am in the world, challenges that I will face based off of who I am, and most importantly that I need to really listen to what the universe is telling me. She brings a sense of calmness and humor into the reading, which helps ease the intensity, and really helps to create a big picture view of who you are and why. I can't recommend her enough!


"I feel very fortunate to have connected with Katie. She brings to her readings an exceptional level of knowledge, respect, and intuition. The insights she has shared with me have helped bring a sense of steadiness with many life changes. Katie has a tremendous warmth and curiosity that drives her dedication to guide anyone through uncertain times." 


"My reading with Katie was incredibly insightful. Her interpretation of the alignment of the planets in my chart and what possibilities lay ahead for me was deep and powerful. Katie is a master at her craft. Her intelligence, knowledge and intuition, along with her warm and fun personality, made my reading a delightful and inspiring experience. She's now my "go-to-gal" for all my astrology needs!"

KATIE SLOAN - astrology and tarot © 2016

katiesloanastrologer@gmail.com  |   Colorado Springs, CO USA


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