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Creative Counsel & Grounded Insights that shine a light on your personal path.

"My hope is to facilitate and encourage positive change in others, so they are able to live with more connection, purpose and intention."

I am an Intuitive Astrologer & Tarot reader

I've been a self awareness junkie for as long as I can remember. My innate curiosity for my own personal growth led me down a path of psychology, symbolism in art, holistic healing, & the human connection. Along my way, I've come to realize the less, "conventional tools," have brought me the most understanding, validation and growth.


In 2007 I became interested in the language of Astrology and Tarot. I saw how symbolism and planetary energies opened a rich dialogue and cut a more direct path to a deeper understanding of the self and others. I learned an entire new language using these methods. And was able to gain quick insight into strengths, shadows, inclinations, and motivations styles.

I spent 13 years as an events specialist and an HR professional where I gained skills as a relationship builder, an effective listener & a communicator. With over 100 employees, I found a way to bridge the gaps within the groups working with these alternative modalities as team builders.  I noticed it allowed for stronger connections within the company and for us to feel more solid as a team. Working with these methods created inclusion,  empathy and understanding. We learned to understand our differences, our strengths and how to develop as a team.  And in 2018 I decided to move out of the world of events and into the work of mentoring and helping others through the work I am so passionate about; Astrology. 

For me, Astrology and Tarot has never been about predicting futures. There is no fluff, or party tricks.

My work offers insight, grounded solutions, and practical guidance for those who are seeking more connection to themselves, and their purpose. And for those who wish to gain empathy, and understanding in their work, or family relationships.

My home base is in Colorado Springs, CO but I offer readings all over the world via Zoom & would love to connect with you!

I recently used Katie for a Bachelorette Party for my sister. She was wonderful to work with leading up to the event - was available readily for questions and very responsive. Day of the event, Katie had astrology charts printed out and prepared for all 12 people! She had put a lot of thought into the event prior and it was a huge success. It was so much fun to do at the start of an event to kick off conversations with the group, comparing charts, and recapping what Katie said during the individual conversations!

Lindsay H

"I feel truly fortunate to have connected with Katie. She brings to her readings an exceptional level of knowledge, respect, and intuition. The insights she has shared with me have helped bring a sense of steadiness with many life changes. Katie has a tremendous warmth and curiosity that drives her dedication to guide anyone through uncertain times."

Kim L

"I had such a lovely experience with Katie. She is smart, intuitive, attentive, as well as just a cool human being. Her approach is genuine and down to earth and her communication style is gentle while still full of insight and direction. This was my first time having my chart read and it was sincerely revealing and motivating for me.  I highly recommend the experience."

Erin M

Katie provided me with the tools and information necessary to gain knowledge and perspective of the events that were taking place in my life. She has a calming and confident energy that allows for sessions to be organic and genuine. My experience with Katie helped me widen my view and encouraged me to take action on what really mattered at the time.

Daniella C

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